The Life Of A Product Manager (with GIFs)

Because sometimes we just need to smile 🙃

#1 — When you spent weeks working on a “disruptive feature”, and nobody uses it.

#2 — When they tell you: “I need it yesterday!”

#3 — When you have been working in tech companies for years, and your friends still can’t understand what you do for a living.

#4 — When you listen to customer feedback and interviews.

#5 — When they ask you: “I need your 3-years roadmap. With milestones.”

#6 — When everything has been prioritized and the team is on track.

#7 — When you thought it would be easy to say “NO” 90% of the time.

#8— When the imposter syndrome gets you.

#9 — When you’re finally at home.

#10 — When they call you Project Manager, Product Owner, Project Owner, the Product guy, but not Product Manager.

Product Lead @ Subito (Adevinta). Ex Jobtome & TransferWise

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