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“Strong discovery is key”. “Product Managers should focus more on discovery than delivery”. “Discovery should be continuous, it isn’t just a one time thing”.

All reasonable statements, aren’t they?

However, I read and hear about many organizations doing product discovery wrong. I’m referring to those companies that:

  • spend a considerable amount of time documenting how teams should run their discovery

Because sometimes we just need to smile 🙃

10 “moments” you have probably experienced in your PM life. Described with the power of gifs (and some nice quotes).

#1 — When you spent weeks working on a “disruptive feature”, and nobody uses it.

“Customers don’t care about your solution. They care about their problems. Keeping problem space and solution space separate and alternating between them, as you iteratively test and improve your hypotheses, is the best way to achieve product-market fit.”

Dan Olsen, The Lean Product Playbook

#2 — When they tell you: “I need it yesterday!”

“The ability to de-escalate conflict and find a resolution is one of the skills that Goleman points to as a social skill and a crucial aspect of emotional intelligence.”

— Kate Leto, Manage…

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I currently work at Subito, the leading marketplace in Italy to buy and sell second-hand items — you can find nearly everything from electronics, cars, and collectibles, to housing, clothing, and furniture. You can also buy and sell new products and offer professional services, however our core mission is to give a second life to used items, reducing CO2 emissions and having a positive impact on the environment.

Subito is also part of Adevinta, one of the global market leaders in online classifieds, operating in 16 countries and with almost 3,000 employees around the world. …

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We, Product Managers, have been there so many times. Our CEO just had the greatest idea ever last night. Sales Managers need that amazing new feature to please their clients. Some developers want to work on a new project because it is very challenging from a tech perspective. We, PMs (hopefully) have some product ideas as well.

And they all start asking the same questions: “Are we doing it? When? Can you give me a deadline?

Your responsibility, as Product Manager, is to deal with these requests daily — but how?


If you want to manage those requests effectively…

Andrea Milan

Product Lead @ Subito (Adevinta). Ex Jobtome & TransferWise

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